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The story behind
Shutter Scape

After 10 Years of experience as a Sound Engineer and Kamera Assistent in the Film and TV industry a former hobby became an obsession and a profession. As a mission to tell a story and to create emotions I specialized in commercial Photography, Editing and Retouching. 

After years of experience in the field of Event/Reportage, Portrait, commercial Photography and retouching, I founded the Shutter Lounge Studio. Beside the benefit of a maximum flexibility with my own work I wanted to make more out of it. Together with the support of the Wirtschaftsagentur Vienna I was able to turn this studio in a rental studio where my mission is the support of young photographers to develope their skills.

For me every production has its uniqueness and there is the greatest importance:

To tell a story as unique as it is and to craft an emotion.


The Shutter Lounge was founded in 2022 to offer a maximum of flexibility. A large variety of light modifiers and a big storage space full of props, backgrounds and flatlay surfaces gives our studio a quantum leap in any production.

Located in Vienna the Shutter Loungs is available to rent and also provides a special Newcomer Support for young Photographers


What has Gin to do with Shutter Scape?

Together with Visual and 3d Artist Philipp Erkinger I founded the Copperstone Spirits OG where we produce premium Gin in several different flavours. Our vision is to take you on a journey of flaver reaching from ultimate fruityness, to exotic vibes and unsusual flavourse like our banana gin.

Our mission is to create a flavour experience you never tasted before.

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